The Limerick Historical Society, Inc., is organized for educational purposes; to collect information and artifacts relating to the history of Limerick, Maine and surrounding areas, and to provide guidance to the town regarding the preservation and restoration of its historic buildings.


... to the site of the Limerick, Maine historical society. Founded in 1981, the society was reorganized as a non-profit corporation in 1998. Its collections are kept in the town-owned Moore Building, the law office of Luther Moore during the late 1800’s, and the society-owned Limerick Academy which served as a school from 1881 to 1925. Both are on Main Street.

An annual open house is held at the Limerick Academy, often featuring special exhibits. The Moore building contains information on area cemeteries, genealogical materials, and other records of town history. The buildings are open by chance or by special appointment.

Please stop by when you see the flag!  

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The Academy building, old and new, sits atop a hill overlooking Main Street.